Artist Series: Beau Brown

For our 2018-2019 product line, we decided to introduce something new, something we had been wanting to do ever since the opening of the store. Our goal was simple, create a platform where we could promote our friends' artwork on our products, a sort of tribute to the many talented people we have met over the years. Beau was the first person we asked to be a part of this new project, The Artist Series, his detailed but simplified line work seemed perfect for a crisp letterpress print. As a native Arizonan turned Santa Barbara transplant, Beau creates nostalgic interpretations of the old west and a human connection to the ocean through surfing. One fun fact Beau didn't mention below, but he drew something every day for a year! His work can be seen on our Surfer Birthday and Classic Cowboy Birthday cards. Enjoy!


Tell us about yourself and where you live?

My name is Beau, I’m a commercial artist and graphic designer living and working out of Santa Barbara, California. 

How did you get started doing design and what do you like most about it? 

I’ve been making things for a long time but didn’t get into design and illustration until the beginning of college. I got a degree in fine art so I have been incorporating my drawings and paintings into my digital works. I love finishing a project and feeling proud.

How do different creative outlets inspire your design? 

I really let the environment around me influence my work. Growing up in Arizona has really instilled a love for the west, western culture and it's history. Being in Santa Barbara for the last 6 years has helped me find a love and respect for the ocean that I try to make evident in my work. I definitely pull inspiration from surfing and camping and other fun things I get myself into.  There are also a few people in my life who inspire a lot of what I make for fun. 

What would be your dream client or project to work on?

I don’t necessarily have a dream client, however I love working with small businesses. Creating art for restaurants, breweries, and shops in my home town and in Santa Barbara have been really special. It’s awesome to see clients stoked on my work and really cool to see my work around the community.

What type of music do you like or listen to? 

I listen to a lot of everything. A few artist I’m really into right now are Colter Wall, Curren$y, Jesse Woods, Palace, Wavves and classics like Black Sabbath, Neil Young and Buck Owens.

Where's the coolest place you've ever traveled?

Can’t pick just one.. I love driving my van places though. I drove up the west coast in to Oregon and over to Utah last summer. That was awesome!

How can people find you and follow your work?

I have a website, Instagram is the best spot! All my artwork usually ends up on @aboybeau and I post some photos that I get excited about on @mtvthebeau.