Design: Mame Soy Candles Color Collection

It's safe to say that Mame Soy Candles is one of our favorite local companies. We sell their soy-based candle line at our retail store and also collaborated with them on a private-label "Prickly Pear" scented candle that we sell exclusively in-store and online.  So we were absolutely delighted when the owner, Megan Hull, contacted us to design packaging for her newly released color collection for Fall 2018. 
 The design inspiration was a tasteful mix of bright, bold colors and delicate details. On our mood board we found shapes and patterns from vintage botany illustrations and French and Japanese candy and tea packaging. Then adding in the bright, almost neon colors made the candles uniquely designed to highlight the main ingredient of each scent. 
Photos by Griffith Imaging, Design by Prickly Pear Paper.
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