Prickly Pear Vacation: PARIS

We just got back from our honeymoon in Paris! It was our first time visiting the "City of Light" and my first time in Europe. We decided to spend our entire week in Paris to take it all in and not feel rushed to get all the sights in before jetting off to the next country, which I highly recommend! The biggest takeaways from our trip were: wine, cheese, baguettes, croissants, macarons, gardens, architecture, history, culture, and espresso. You get the idea. 
The thing we loved most about the city was the beauty of everyday French life. The streets are lined with cafes on every corner, all with equally delicious menus and happy hour can be found almost everywhere. When you're not eating or drinking at a cafe you can find gardens and greenery overflowing on buildings, tucked away into parks, and larger, lush gardens growing at the Tuileries, Luxembourg, and Jardin des Plantes just to name a few. Our favorite gardens were seen during our visit to Versailles.
We stayed in an Airbnb in "Le Marias," which was a noticeably less "touristy" neighborhood in Paris. Some of the closest monuments in this area are Notre Dame Cathedral, the Picasso Museum, and shopping everywhere! One of our favorite stores there is called Fleux' - home decor, cacti, and cool gift items galore! If we lived in Paris, we would buy everything to decorate our homes at Fleux. (They have 4 little shops all on the same block with different items and categories in each!)
On our favorite day of the trip, we visited the Louvre museum and had a picnic afterwards on the steps of the Sacre Coeur. This basilica is in the heart of the Parisian city of Montmarte where art, food, and culture all align with the most gorgeous hill-top views of the entire city at it's steps. We ate grab & go food from Rose Bakery in Pigalle and absolutely devoured their famous carrot cake and quiche. 
Some of our favorite things about our trip were: Bike riding through Versailles on the Blue Bike Tour (they take you to the most charming farmers market I've ever seen), Ob-La-Di Cafe (for iced coffee, avocado toast, & trendy Instagram photos), Ippudo (for that Ramen fix you might need after eating French food everyday), Huré (best baguette in the city), Le Refuge Des Fondues (be prepared for close quarters and drinking wine from a baby bottle), and Merci (cutest shopping and deliciously fresh food, teas, and coffee).
We loved spending a week here and immersing ourselves in the wonder and history of such a stylish, cultural, and captivating city. It was trés manifique! Until next revior!