Recap: Our First Letterpress Workshop

We hosted our first-ever Letterpress Stationery Workshop this month and had so much fun teaching people our printing process. The class gave them the opportunity to print their own set of personalized letterpress stationery with us and learn the method of printing we use to make our cards. 
Since we've been in business, Mark & I have been the only people to use our letterpress so it was exciting seeing other people using it and printing things just like we do. By the end of printing each set of stationery, our students got into the rhythm of letterpress printing and we had a ton of fun showing them how to use the machine and get a nice impression of ink on paper.  
We setup our workshop at Final Assembly and had flowers provided by Everybody Loves Flowers and wine provided by Garage East, all businesses within Barnone. Each student got their own set of stationery including envelopes, stamps, and a pen to write and send their handmade notes to friends & family after the class. 
We also had a local calligrapher, Dina Mitchell of Flourish Hand Lettering come out to do free calligraphy and everyone loved watching her talented hands address their envelopes. If you would like to attend one of our workshops in the future, make sure to sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know about any classes or events happening at Prickly Pear Paper! Thank you to everyone who came to our first class, we had so much fun!